Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ah Mary the pants are falling off the economy!!

The main issue in this blog is a warning going out to everyone about a film that goes by the name of The Southland Tales. If you value your sanity or just dont wanna feel like ur brain was just raped then do not watch it DO NOT!!

1. "I'm A pimp and pimps dont commit suicide" I should explain this in case its ever used as part of a smear campiagn if I run for president.. The southland tales seemed to emphasise it then again the film has no point.

2. Gawd stop bringing out Will ferrell movies. Will Ferrell in hilarious sporting situation, Will ferrell in slightly more crude sports comedy, Will Ferrel in another potentially funny situation but with same jokes as aforementioned sport types. Just stop.

3. And so I launch my stop Will Ferrell from destroying his credibility campaign. STOP!!! Every three seconds Will ferrell makes a clone comedy movie. Please donate gernerously and lets see some diversity.

4. Strawberrys and cream as posh as they maybe are fucking delicious!! like omg they are focking amaaazing.

5. To all of the joe soaps out there debating our current economic crisis I offer you an ultimatum.
Go and become an economist with some credibility or SHUT UP!!!! I cannot stand people in the post office such as mary and nancy from just past the shop there debating the ins and outs of our economy. "ahh mary sure they dont know what its like, they have never had it as bad as we did, and sure people still have to but houses mary it will bounce back, its all a cycle you see" "ah your right nancy, sure house prices were over inflated like a balloon about to burst you know". Like well done you watch the news and can repeat it in a post office but please fuck off telling me how to solve the latest economic crisises and cliaing us young uns cat and wont handle it. This is a sensitive issue for me..

6. On a similar note post office television news is ridicously vague to the extent of making itself pointless. For example a headline read " company loses 1 billion" no joke. like what company? Where? why? 1 billion what? Its essentially like saying "man dies". Way too vague mate.

7. Chicken balls are good shit!

8. And heres the last point of this weeks installment (by the way this blog is not weekly they are written spoaridaically) I got a new phone and damn is it smooth. To all of you out there with a nokia 5300 (bit of advertising kerching) *similar phone high 5.

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