Friday, July 4, 2008

Sorry for the pretentious title but the new front page of bebo has influenced me.

What the hell man when did capitilisn get so cool?Im aware of the ironic paradox of writing a blog about bebo sellign out on bebo but ah fook it.

Since when did bebo get so in your face , so look look look at our cool advertisements.Since when did bebo know what was hot and been able to tell us whats cool and whats hot.The whats hot and whats not type columns belong in shitty girl teen mags like kiss written by 23 year old bimbo journalists that just couldnt make it..mainly due to their lack of competence in the whople jourbalism area so they join kiss and make their own stories sorry they are real rumours yeah....

Bebo used to make fuuny litttle jokes like could take one second two three...remember that?cos it sure seems a million years ago what with now the whats in section and so on.Likeit was pretty clear that bebo had sold out and gotten dare i say it a little greedy?when they had nuts tv. "this aint no porn site" remember?bebo clearly im not opposed to nuts no straight man is but to sell out from a clean site of fun to a yeaah weel do it for a certain figure type site just aint cool.

The new black and red stand off the page front page which resembles something a yuppy "budding" marketing student would design is horrible cold and plain in your face compared to the first bebo modest skin.

ON top of this the whole kate modern thing FUCK was never goin to take off well not with people that actually had a ming...gahhh thats my new rant over.BUY IT NOW BUY IT NO or dont i dont care im just enjoying rippin it out of bebo...

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