Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keynesian theory, The Runner, and Paranoid Vision

While Listening to some feel good hits of summers gone by, at the moment its semisonic's chemistry, I found actually nice comments joking around on youtube. This is a pleasent suprise and a nice change from " your such a retard at 3.26 that girl says yeah god fucking stick your head in a blender". Less of that please!

1.Bryans college streotypes seem to be true and annoyingly he is proved right again. Business students being alcholics, art students being stoners with too many essays and all others simply quirky.

2. I think it would be hilarious to play rave through hearing aid loops. Then people once they are in range with a hearing aid would get an unexpected blast of Rave. Whoppa!! In the same way I would love to just talk over hearing aid loops and when they walked past just say crazy things and convince they are hearing voices and going insane. Slightly scabby but hilarious nonetheless.

3.Isnt it really annoying when your like " Oh dont you remember such and such a song or music video and people look at you like no, no I do not. Gahh Delve into your mind!!!

4. " Do rhetorical questions make good headlines wonders sub editor." you Just gotta watch and love Nightlive with its witty scrolling comments and general hilarity its a must see..

5.I am starting to hate football. Professional players who make 100,000 a week cant make a simple up the sideline pass, cant finish and cant put on a good game. Watching Rovers vs. Pats is more exciting than the champions league lately. As for Ronaldhinio I have lost all faith. He is a disgrace. All that talent and he sits there making easy passes. He Puts as much effort into his football as Katy Perry puts into her lyrics...

6. I have a brilliant idea for a restaurant called the runner. When you finish your dinner you have to pull a runner and try to escape through an obstacle course of sumo wrestlers, bouncy walls and mad things like takeshis castle. If you escape well your dinner is free!!

7. I am thinking of becoming the Bear Grylles of commuting. I could rummage through peoples bags for food and equipment and at random intervals when the show is getting boring I could just jump out the window. Id do that at least a couple of times per show.

8. Bands like Slainte the trad rock band in town should be famous not these fucking shit Lady Gaga types. Ohh I Drunk a little bit too much. Write a song bout getting too pissed and not know whats happening and you get to number one, write a funky jam people respect and you get left on Grafto.

9. People out there it is time to get more exprressive with what you are listening to. If your listening to your favouritre song and the deadly guitar riff comes up, then bop the head or dance about. Lets show boring Stiffs how to kick ass while commuting!!

10. As of the 17th of Feburary it has become noticably brighter in the morning.

11. To the 7.20 bus driver on the bus to Naas your sign is still wrong. Its been four weeks now and your sign still says busaras please just change it to Naas!!

12.THERES A HIGH COST OF LIVING. Paranoid Vision are the best worst band in the world. You gotta respect them just because of how bad they are. No one else could be that good a being shit. Someone needs to throw an economics book at them and shoot their bassist though.

13. This is a quick shout out to my homie John Maynard Keynes, The only true Ghostrida of the economic world.

14. I am constantly trying to find new ways of keeping my relationship with nirina crazy. My most recent idea, is that i am adopting a stricter Kiss policy. IN future she wil have to fill out a long and boring EP1501 form every time. She will then have to wait for the return of an Fg21 report form indicating the result and why the kiss was accepted or rejected. Should be entertaining.

15. Finally I have found a Bus Eireann Driver close to my heart. " I wont be going fucking anywhere near Turf Bog Lane". To the driver of the 2.30 bus through Tallaght you are restoring faith in bus eireann for me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Train stations, totalitarianism and stealing from ash!

im afraid this wont be a long post or have a picture for two days because im writing this on a shit hueston station computer. EDIT: Well this has been changed as i am now safely at home with the power of the Hp laptop. Here we go break it down, ah yes thats a funky jam.

1. Heuston station is really bland,just like lack of effort you know.Damn only 30 secs left james bond music

2. *ding dong. Train train train, time and place. Thank you for travelling with Ian rud Eireann.* Try listening to that all morning when all you want it to say is galway, talk about building it up man..

3. How come the second after you go to bed after feeling knackered, your suddenly not tired?

4. Since my blog is for social experiences and wonderings, (first statement of objective whoahhhhh) if I have an idea for the blog in my dreams, does it count?...Fuck yeah because its my blog, thats totalitarian power baby!! I dreamt that somewhere there was a student hostel, a has shop and an optical illusion shop in one string of buildings. How incredibly fun and stereotypical would that be?...Then I Remembered thats really just Amsterdam.

5. I love the crunch of snow underneath my foot. Mmmmm..

6.Reading the comments you left on peoples pics on bebo ages ago is priceless ( I must state that this is very similar to ash's blog 2 point 5 but anyway). Seeing your old sense of humour is almost more funny than the actual humour itself.

7. Double bass is now the coolest instrument in the world after drums.

8. Myslef and Luke recently attempted a homemade cajon(if you dont know what a cajon is please chek this Using only a wine box,a pencil case filled with some pennies, an old chambers dictionary and a healthy supply of masking tape. I am quite proud of it but lukes dad who owns the said material...not so impressed