Saturday, June 6, 2009

Featherless canaries, adult life and the holy trinity

Foreword: This blog contains social analysis alongside complete pisstake. Mostly pisstake though..

1. Adult life is simply just a more serious versin of childhood. Instead of the usual breakup, you have a divorce and instead of your girlfriend just texting your mates and telling them your shit in bed, your wife(girlfriend with ring) takes pretty much everything you own...and still tells your mates your shit in bed.

2.I just considered shaving my canary. what a hilaroius image of a bald canary perched awkwardly scared for its life!!

3.The average age of a dublin county council worker is 67.
Dublin co co worker 1 : Ah just fill th po'hole in with some tarmac, it will be grand.
Dublin co co worker 2: Or we could fix it properly?
Dublin co co worker 1: Not a chance mate, i could have retired two years ago, just lash it in there im going on me teabreak.
This conversation Is obviously fictional and does not represent real live people....because worker 2 would never had said lets fixed it properly.

4. To the guy scoring the woman outside the welfare for homeless women and children centre.. Its not really the best place to meet ladies mate..

5. Thw worst part of the sleep process is definately trying to fall asleep. Its so much hassle, youve got to keep comfy, make sure its quiet and dark and try not to think of anything. Sleep itself is great with th occasional mad dream as a result of eating chocolate before bed. The post sleep laze though is the most enjoyable part of slep where you are unexplainabl comfortable and just do not want to move. Basically I hate trying to fall asleep.

6. I thought explaining the whole idea of the holy trinity to a child would be the most difficult task I would face but now ive got to explain that miley cyrus and hannah montannah are the same person!! God help us. In fact Miley stewart is a real life person who is called miley cyrus in her tv show where she pretends to be miley cyrus and hannah monatnnah while in fact she is miley stewart. GOD!!

7.The Raw sessions is a class programme. Two bands, twelve hours, two original songs. Loving it mate! RTE2 fo' Loife!!

8. I think the world would be more interesting if it was underwater. Think of the cool flips and shit you could do off buildings and just general underwater madness!! For this reason, roll on global warming. * Sprays aerosol cans every second of the day*

9. Turfbog lane guy came home on a wednesday...The worlds natural order is out of balance.