Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Debs,college and pop culture!

Im just going to mention at the start of this that im very tired as I was at the debs last night so some, if not all, of this may make no sense.

1. The debs is kinda like a 1970's glam rock band. Very shiny and fancy on the outside, but inside theres just way too much drink and drugs.

2. DCU is a concrete metropolis. It is the opposite to grassy UCD in this way. The nurses building needs to get new doors though cause god damn it it is annoying to try and fit 30 people through a revolving door quickly.

3. Club "rapture" in Enfield is a small hip new nightclub attached to the hamlet court hotel. The strange thing is the place is quite cool and the lighting effects kick ass but then you remember you are in Enfiled. Like what is is doing there? I can imagine old farmers poppin in after a hard days labour to let loose, breaking it down in their magee tweed jackets and caps knocking back the baby guinness.Ahhhh yeahhh!!!

4. "Chris brown chhris brown chris brown, i am ,i am, chris brown. Love me like I love you baby girl yeeeeeaaahhh no yeah no yeah no" Thats pretty much the lyrics to any chris brown song.Repetitive lyrics about a girl with a couple of fancy high notes to get the ladies.Him and that neyo chap should just be locked in a warehouse and left to battle to the death with only over the top dance moves and repitive lyrics.

5. A new thing I have discovered now in college life is of course the having to make new friends part. Its great!! But what I find really funny about it all is that after talking for a while with a new friend there is always a period of awkward silence. Its like hmm what do we talk about next? But maybe if I bring topic cards that wouldnt happen...hmmm...

6. Its gotten to that time of year yet again. When you leave your hands exposed out of your pocket or sleeve for even a minute they are fuckin freezin! That tyoe of arthritis freeze where you cant move your hands properly and playing playstation becomes impossible.

7. Pouring hot water on ridicously cold hands just means you cant feel it burning you, its not helping!!

8.standing on the luas is by far one of the most difficult things to do without looking like a retard. Every time it stops, BAM you get jerked into the window or just kinda fall on someone. Then youve got them revoliving pieces which I reckon the engineers put in just to put you off balance and again cause you to look idiotic!

9. We must come to the conclusion that some engineers are just sadists.

10. again I want to stress my love for the metro. Its provsion of free entertainment and excellent random facts means that even you can impress the taxi manby telling HIM shit he didnt know.