Friday, July 4, 2008

Im aware this is very similar to the formerly critically acclaimed masterpiece that was bryans blog but since ush and sean reckon im just a copy of bryan i decided thats its ok for me to have one...

If you listen to Jimi hendrix while commuting it feels like an episode of becker.

Do you remember blind date?remeber that show where minging englings went on tv for the chance of winning a holiday (usually to alicante or some other sweaty beer fest island) and just acted really slutty to get the person to pick them?man that was a great show.the height of tv entertainment because when theyve picked their minger the show puts two models in replacement of the other mingers and the look of dissapointment was alwyas priceless..."wait you mean one of them was rachael hunter?but my first question was are you rachael hunter and i got a no"then oh yeah im not done here.the couple come back from their holiday and cilla would bear her chompers(which looked like the ones u wind up and chatter) and say "well love how did you get on?" the guy would always dig the chik out of sheer lack of self esteem and a chance at love and then the private camera would reveal the girl saying "yeah he was a real nice guy,more of a friend though" "did u enjoy it though?" "well i slept with two other guys so yeah" then the camera switched to the guys face and a slow motion pic would show his heart breaking.CLASSIC! orrr u get the guy who pretends to not care and once he thinks the cameras off starts to tear the place apart with cilla miocking him to get him to go on..and finally youd have cilla ask "well did yous kiss" and both would kinda llok awkward and stare at their shoes like 12 year olds and say yeahhh...cue the awwww....great great entertainment

youll notice that differnt songs provide different results while tea making.this kinda ended u as an experiment for me so ill present it in that form

Title: To prove that funky ass beats of different natures are directly proportional to change in tea making


Rage aginst the machine: results in large tea spillage and burns from extreme head bopping

The kooks:Increase moral and ensure sugars are remembered

The chemical brothers:increase productivity due to fast beats.

Pink floyd: slows tea making by 500% because of prog nature and general slowness.

My chemical romance:no tea as it results in suicide.

one of my new ironys is that i saw a curves (gym) bench at every turn in wicklow.surely they should be encouraging you to walk not sit no?

Bus drivers are unneedfully suspicious. ME: one childs ticket please!Driver: what age are you?date of birth?last thing you ate etc.

Muse are actually ok...

The metro is a fantastic source for chat up lines and bar i read today that eh a man ate 4000 loolipops for a world record!who doest want to hear that?thats just impressive!

I love sprite ads but i dont like the drink is this effective advertising or not?

why do people put full stops afer question marks?theres one attached at the bottom

spaghetti is a slippy demonWhats the plural of luas?racing the bus is a satisfying feeling!

Excercise actually puts me in a good ood looks like im not a fat man in a skinny mans body after all

People use smilies too much to convey emotion..ever think of using them ancient symbols with meanings? thats words im on about.

daft punk maybe stoners and general wasters but hey if they can make funky ass jams like that then hand me a joint and ill quit my job..

fitlinxx: the one pc that doesnt make u fat.

the difference in food quality by two euro is incredible.

You know your food is cheap when it can defy gravity and when ur mash potatoes are actually liquid.

Skirts cause wayyyyy too much hassle for the common joe soap

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