Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The chemically named festival and kstyling

I'm aware that these blogs will appear everywhere such as "ohh oxegen was so good" and "quotes from oxegen" but oh well ill confirm my own sterotype.

1.Oisin and myself were lying in our tent talking shit at about half three in the morning but definately not able to sleep when we heard a gentleman remark "ya fecking pelican". Quotes such as these are senseless yet priceless. Thus confirming my belief that eavesdropping drunk people is justified just to hear the shit they come up with. Press x to eavesdrop and complete mission (thats for you ushbag).

2. The Zutons may just be my new big band of the month....not that i usually have a big band of the month or anything but you know.. also they have a sexamaphone i.e a hot saxist!!

3. The prodigy are old man!! they is some angry poppin grandads "where are my irish voodoo people?where are my irish brudas?". God damn prodigy shut up and get on with ur repetitve laptop beats (space bar,spacebar,spacebar,shift,remix)

4. For a skanky three piece pop band Sugababes had some mosh!! If youve ever wondered why women are second class citizens well then just have a look at the sugababes and youll understand. IN particular the video for Push the button.

5. I am personally starting a campaign against the way that sardines are packed too tightly in their tins after the kings of leon cos I know just how they feel.

6. Karl* sets up oisin with nice looking nordy girl as he is a skillful wingman*
Oisin: *kindly accepts and dances with her*
Nordy girl:* attempts to score oisin*
Oisin* dodges skillfully*
Karl: man why did you do that?
Oisin: I thought she was fat man! she felt pudgy.
Karl: But she wasnt, what do you need, to measure her waist size??

7. Rage against the machine are so good at the whole live thing...fuck it....AMAZINGGG!!!!!

8.Tents are sweatboxes!!!

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