Friday, July 4, 2008

Ive even grown to like karl

well yes everyone will have one and yes its done to death but here are the kickest of all ass quotes from sweden hooooraaahhh!!!

Dan and Will:thanks alot bjorn you were a ledgend.Bjorn:yes i like you alot too dan and will you are good skier....i have even grown to like karl.

Me:evil overlord bjorn of slope verdromen.

sean:lads look!we got a bible!all:awwww its the new testement

Conor:that was a good shower woops left my flip flops in thereLiam:did you leave your balls in there aswell?

at the quiz..q9:what is the smallest bone in the body
Me:lukes penis ohhhhhhhhhq

2:what is aracnophobia a fear of?
all:a fear of iraq americas got it ohhhhhh

our team name was test-icicles hehe

everyone nextdoor was making noise so we sent conor to sort it out...
Me:go on conor go and make them shutup be a man
sean:yeah go beat someone up
conor: ohh fine then*knock knock*
conor: oh my god will you like shut the fuck up!(said in gayest conor voice)

me:wow swedens economy is run by 30 people!

all:my gawd all they do is cut down trees,mine,eat mcdonalds and drive volvos!

mr.d:how many religion teachers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?all:how many?mr.d:100, 1 to screw in the light bulb and 99 to share the experience

dave: ok now we will yump.
Me:wat the fuck?
dave:yump...*points at ski jump*
all:you mean jump dave...muppet

29 people on a ski slope:woah black betty bam a lam woah black betty bam a lam

dan,will,sean and I:and ill have a small,a SMALL chocolate shake as im tyrn to watch my figure

janine and racheal:karl ill give you 500 krona to dance on miss kelly

Me at the disco:do the snowplough!!!

what a cool ass country and the best trip ever!!

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