Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stoner sessions in my front garden.

Hopefully my catchy title has got your attention with people saying such things as "ohh bit of drugs" and the like.

1. Watching clouds go by while listening to the kooks can have varied results. Here is the thought process I had.... "hmm that kinda looks like a girraffe, wait no more of a mushroom ohh that is a cool mushroom, and theres a tree woah it looks like theres a panther on it there, woah!!!that cloud looks really like it is an actual plane!". Anyway cloud watching is a definaate for killing an hour in my opinion.

2. People should really stop going on about oxegen on msn and bebo. We know its on, its mass advertised, I have my ticket just stop going "OXEGEN IN 5 DAYS 10 HOURS AND 3 MINS 5 SECS, 10 MILLISECS. ME TOO?" yes me too but I dont need to publically declare the fact.

3.You might wanna take a receipt cos that might just be too funky for you. I thought that up today and if I ever get into a funk band im gonna write more of those ridicoulous nfunkliners. Like hmm I dunno you might collapse its quite funky.

4.Working at the docks for Jimmy.

5. I think it would be quite funny to start engaging in small talk with the self service machines in tesco and when someone says "excuse me what are you doing?" just ignore them and say to the machine "can you believe this guy?"

6. Its amazing how a three day long festival can completely take over a town.Its like a norman invasion or something. By this I mean how Oxegen dominates Naas like a fatcat with a fetish for not being in control as he is normally everyday. Apparently when oxegen is on Naas becomes the 5th largest town in Ireland!

7. Unlike Kill chipper, m and s white cookies never get old ..ghroom*morphs into cookie monster*

8. The Mr.Men books should be a new form of religion. They preach morals but without the whole bullshit of the old testament and Mr.Bump's accident prone lifestyle proves to be quite amusing hmm yes quite *smokes cigar in a smoking robe*

9. I dont usually get to number 9.

10. Mardec seriously needs a purchasing manager because managing stock here is like playing tetris.

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