Friday, July 4, 2008

OMG its gone too far

for f sake man abbreviaitions have gone too far.
I can live with ttyl and btw mayb even gtg but bmb?WHAT THE FUCK IS BMB??????

here are some of my assumptions:

1.Bananna my bebo? why not its raonnndom enuf for the little thicks.

2.bum my bak? well that was just to be prvocative

3.bushy male behind?well it is funny my babez? theres more "lingo" i hate. hunz bunz love yaz over use of z'z cos they feel neglected from lak of actual use.chikn?wtf!!!!but it was brought to my attention that it means bebo me back which is even sadder my gawd i t it time 4 me to kl myslf ttyl gtg brb omg bmw aib etc. even etc. is a fuckin abbrev.

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