Friday, July 4, 2008

No inspiration leading to inspiration?sylvia plath style

At this stage even i myself am starting to doubt whether or not i can actually come up with new things to write but hey here are some recent discoveries:
1.For an area with a population demographic of mainly 35 to 75 johnstown has two burnt down buildings, two abandoned houses, a plastic bag manufacturer and an ancient church. This was at least mildly entertaining.oh and i forgot the best part recently jtown got its first resident ostrich(see next point).
2. It seems there is nothing money cant buy, food during a famine, water in the dessert and now an ostrich in jtown. What astounds me most is the fact that an ostrich has actually no practacality as an animal or pet apart from being a sign of ridicoulous wealth or in Mansfields case, trying to make a golf course a playboy mansion.
3. Kill chipper is geting old.
4.OHH YEAH again forgetting ostrich related details.About ten minutes from the town of the J there is an ostrich farm. You may see this as an explanation for point two really. Funny thing is more people are employed in jtown by ostrich farming then by centra currently.theres a fact for you!
5. Sylvia Plath was simply misunderstood. She used to be cool.She used to be funny actually at one point of her life she was a comedian. However one night after a particulary harsh crowd Plath was walking home only to walk under thirteen ladders followed by thirteen black cats. Unfortunately the rain of bad luck that ensued such as being drive by milkshaked and it turning out to be her husband and his new bird resulted in Plath becoming an eternal pessimist.
6. Talking loudly on the phone about the play Othello can make you appear quite racist.
7.Advice for a goalkeeper: buy massive inflatable gloves.
8. Baz:*takes really good penalty*Dalton:*dives very slowly for ball,very slowly*Ger: Ah cmon the Titanic went down faster than that.
9. One may see these blogs a s a form of diary.well im here to tell you who think such, shutup and dont tell anybody.
10.Party in oisins mobile in co.Wicklow this summer for anyone who wants to come. just dont tell oisin its a suprise.
11. Buy it now. at only 10.95 its a steal. yes thats right the motorbikes first ashtray.hury hurry hurry. Ads such as these are just purely offensive to peoples intellligence.
12. And finally a big word up to my dawgs at Honda. There idea of creating live and exciting ads such as the parachute jump ad is genious.Bringing fun back to advertising. Publicity stunts are a yes in my book

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