Friday, July 4, 2008

Positivo with il divo

The name actually has nothing really to do with the blog but whateva minga!!Yeah so its time for a feel good hit of the summer blog full of sunshine and sea! I got up this morning(when i wake up in the morning when..and the sunlight burns my eyes) and it was really sunny and i had to cycle to work but during my journey I found enlightment like Buddha under the tree maaan. Fooka you leaving cert. Yeah i went there.OMG thats too serious too joke about.NO MATE!!! its not. The leaving cert is like a ham and cheese sandwich, everyone can have one some people have better ones. Its not even a delicacy but when you tpast it and the cheese melts mmmmm. wait now im sidetracking but anyway. Sun sun sun and fun fun. no more study thank you very much ill do it when it rains and come summer ill forget it all anyway woooSo FOOKA YOU Leaving Cert.

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