Friday, July 4, 2008

Big bad bitchn blog bonanza

Well now that the leaving cert is over its time for yet another installment.
(i dont know why I bother writing it like that as if people read these *crys with self pity*)
ok i have pulled my self back together im fine really im fine..
1. Grey's anatomy: the lab results are back and indeed it is a pile of shit. on top of the fact that its a terrible rip off of another dire doctor drama(alliteration) that being ER its just ridicoulous. sometimes I wish the writers of such shows would have a stroke and then go to hospital and find out that its not just a massive building full of anxst and misery.
2. MTV Shows: excuse me but interupt me if im wrong, but MTV stands for music television not loosely based on music kinda television. My gawd have you seen the shite they are putting on these days? RUNS HOUSE!!! were you wondering what happened to run from run dmc? em actually i wasnt..Well weve got the show for you then. my gawd is it boring!! its just some people in a house going hey how should we spend our money today?hmm i dunno lets do something boring? oh ok! Pile of crap. And PLEASE dont get me started on the hills..
3.Im gonna miss my leaving cert buddy, that s the supervisor. Turns out he was from Naas. then again who isnt these days what with it being a massive commuter town and all. But nevertheless he was a cool dude and took time everyday to have a chat and make jokes even when i was failing accounting. Nice guy!
4.HEY KARL WHATS THE MPC? hey random guy asking me economic questions! em feck off?5.UCD or DIT? let us examine. see if you can tell which is which.
full of rich daddy girls d4s and hippys?
full of less intelligent daddys girls and IT students?
In the city centre campus spread like nutella?
All centralised like government services with manicured lawns?
450 points and a bit of hiking like an indian for rice?410 points and easy like a wheelchair?
So you can see my predicament!PEACE OUT!!

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