Friday, July 4, 2008

Things that dont actually matter

1.your positon on peoples top 16.most likely like mine its just howeva bebo arranges it anyway why the hell does it matter?lack of self esteem?lack of actual awareness to know if someone likes you?get real!

2.your profile views.again for fucks sakes are actually that insecure that you need the reassurance of a number to boost your confidence? your hair looks(killian!!!!!)god kil it doesnt matter.hehe only joking had to get it in there though.


5.bus eireann time tables.the bus will be late rgardless of how many differnt time tables you check.if you ring up to complain youll conviniantly find that the whole complaints department are on vacation.also the bus drivers are deliberately late as they are just dikheads

6.if you specify no spit in your abrakebabra.theyll do it anyway.

7.where you buy your gawd like it doesnt matter if they are from pennies or heatons like cmon would you rather pay 500 euro for a nike tracksuit from arnotts or get it for 5 in heatons?anyway most mad douva pricey tracksuits are bought in town behind the ilac centre for a fiver of two old sketchy hags. many x's you put in a text:apparently in my friends school there are actually rules about how many x's u put in a wat?not only is this retarded and downright crazy but the people that follow them....where are their own minds?hooked up to the shepard no doubt..3 x's mean u like them a ig x then a small x then a big one is gay?how i dunno...and more then 10 is obsessive.ohn yeahh hitting the x button witout looking thats obsessive...god retards!!

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