Friday, August 1, 2008

Nokia Update Version 3.0

1. Batmin is fantastic especially when spelled and pronounced like that. The joker is just too slick of a criminal, like talk about glorifying crime!!

2. The people of Limerick who have received the flash floods are the victims of a plague from god! Bad things happen to bad people.( I guarantee you such things will be found in the sunday mirror and the star.) I should probably point out that this is satirical so I dont end up in a ditch in the mountains somewhere.

3. I have recently started collecting other peoples music on my phone via the beautiful but strangly named bluetooth technology. Its sort of an enlightening experience in that I end up listening to things I usually wouldnt listen to. I was going to ask random people on the street but I thought against it in the end, Who knows what emo crap you could get these days.

4. By the way everybody our friend Mark Ronson, you know "black and gold black and..incessant repeating of black and gold" actually didnt write the song beacues in fact its a hit from the 80's. I just have to take him down a notch the cocky white suit stealing bastard.

5. Dad: Go over and ask Denise does she want a go of your drums.
Me: What?? you want me to ask your friends middle aged wife who I dont know does she want a go of my drums?"
Dad: Yeah? Why? is that weird or something?

6. Mistress mable!! mistress mable SHUTUP!!! Shit song and its just a copy and paste riff of the kooks. Damn you copycat shitness.

7. The difference between a radio frequency of twenty is incredible. On rte 1 you get shitty old men talking about plants and how weve never had it so good you damn rapscallions and such things, while on Rte 2 ur gettn funky beats, pop singalongs and half decent presenters who actually dont make you want to sleep.

8. Thanks to fiona lack of caravan! only joking!!

9. I dont usually do this but this time its neccesary. I am just so deadly whopper bhoyz shmad out of it.

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