Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Expiry dates,pretentiousness and full grown men in prams

how am i supposed to type with no light, light when you ain there, no light no light. Enough pop puns and shennigans lets get down to business like Persopolis does in the first five pages. No im not gonna explicitly lay down a heartbraking depiction of my countrys turmoil. Ok so its not like Persopolis. Whatev!! So over him gosh!!

1.I find that the date on the milk bottle is a good indicator of how long I have left to do something. In some ways this can make breakfast as terrifying as the prospect of being forced to watch greys anatomy or Sex and the city. I often find myself at the fridge going "ah fuck it cant be nearly time for the milk to expire on the 30th nooo". finding out that your milk is going to expire and that you have an exam is never a good combination.

2. Tv3 what happened? seriously you used to know you were terrible when you ran documentaries on such issues as "look my kid is fatter than an elephant" and " My mother is a prostitute". But now oh now Tv3 you have asserted a new more respectful pretentious looking facade for your bigus tv. Its like calling a stripclub a Gentlemans club...Its still a stripclub..

3. IN reality I dont think I hate bus eireann. Its warm, it takes me home and gives me tonnes of blog material. Jumping johavas witnesses batman what have i said?? In my defense when I wrote this one i was listening to orchestra and it was a lovely sunny day. To balance things out ill kidnap a Driver and his family.. these threats are going to get me into trouble one day...

4. Have you ever gone to see a film and when you come out you think to yourself "yeah but if that had just happened instead it would hvae been great". Frost/Nixon had this effect on me. I was praying for the character development Praying but alas none came forth..I Do film studies in Trinity huhuhuh sorry heather..

5. The diehard Quadrilogy (even quadrilogy is more manly than trilogy)is so manly and rewatchsble. With tits, killing and slick lines like " NO fucking shit lady, Do I sound like IM trying to order a fucking pizza?" they are just classics.

6. This one goes out to my homeboy in the pram on Grafton Street. Focking total ledge. He said if i pushed him down to the molly malone statue hed give me a bannnana and he did. A man of his word and of freaky arty ideas clearly but a legebd none the less.

7. Do you want to try and look sexy in a 1970s style jumper that looks like your mother picked it out for you along with its matching scarf. Do you want to splash out a ridicolous amount of money on a shit pullover that is so useless that you may as well wear less clothing to feel warmer? Well then Farell and Brown is the place for you. Pretentious wankers...

8. My 14 adventure day plan is running smoothly with a drinking sesh, trip to Galway., cinem trip, friend revival (ash and rach) and dart adventure already secured. This are some productive ass days.

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