Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Babies on acid and bikes? Bad combination.

It seems that people will do anything to avoid study. Procrastination always invoves the most stupid and ridicoulous distractions. Things that you would never do, simply because they are too crazy or are actually more boring than studying ironically. I have inevitably fallen into this category..

1.I never thhought prog rock could be happy or funky for that matter. I always believed it involved death screamers or boring shites talking about pretentious issues over eally slow and boring music. then I found Battles and it was like entering a Baptist church in America. Getting pulled in, wanting more, spekaing in tongues (well thats just how the lyrics actually sound) and praying for more. I am actually rocking back and forward in funk spasms.

2. I Was in the homeland of Hurling. I took over a castle, played hurling with DJ Carey, and had a quality pint of guiness and settled down in Supermacs for cheap cheeseburgers. Where was I? Only Kilkenny. VOted best Irish town to go to, to experience Irish roadtripping. This was brought to you by Discover Ireland. Mo chroi sa bheal and other shit irish sayings no one else understands but are there for cultural reasons.

3. 3 Days is the max I can go without shaving before I look like a dirty hobo..Sorry before I look MORE like a dirty hobo.

4. I am sick of electric woodblock in R'n'B dance music. Timbaland did it so it must be cool. Just get a new instrument to electrify. Electric banjo...that would go well in the next rihanna hit single.

5. Why do Eurobabys and Eurocycles have drum and Base madness in their ads? Its as if they think babies are acid heads already. "Ohh bhoyz Eurobaby is da fuckin bomb man, they play fuckin deadly rave and they fixed me stabilisers. Wicked man!" Babies on acid and bikes is just a bad mix. Think of the havoc. Sweetstores would be hit the worst of course but.. MY GAWD!!!

6. Finding the motivation to study Motivation is quite difficult. I found this particularly funny.

7. CASTLEDERMOT MUST DIE!! Its inhabitants and all, just bomb the shit over it and start again..WITH A MOTORWAY. The whole route to kilkenny? Sweet motorway..untill you get to castledermot then your crawling for 20 mins at 10 kmh and have retard female drivers cutting you up only to park ten feet from where she was already parked. Red button please..

8. My laptop is sweet and I love the little thing but gawd I wish it would stop giving me chronic bac ache. I feel about 70.

Edit: I dont know why I used so much CAPSLOCK this time.

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