Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hip hop tours,Clarkson and Composer!


I had so many ideas for the blog this time that, one, I felt that i must be bleeding ideas dry and soon Ill have none left and, two, I created a blog idea folder on my phone cos theyre too hard to remember. So here we go, ten spin hits in a row (*whispers* ten spin hits in a row) ten spin.. WE KNOW!!!

1. Jeremy Clarkson is an arrogant prick.. but my gawd is he entertaining. With his witty puns, cynical comments and plain offensive interjections he entertains the face off you! If he can be famous for being arrogant then I think there is a carreer there for me...

2. Ticket inspectors on Bus Eireann?? Pointless...

3. Contrary to popular belief, Greasy hair does have some advantages over clean hair:

Greasy hair does not get itchy in hats as it has a layer of lubrication against the hat.

It is basically self styling and self holding. Fuck fructis hold or any of that, pure natural grease is unmovable and once you roll out of bed? well theres todays style.

You can have a badass mullet.

4. "I had women, wine, party time and everything that matters." A fantastic lyric about all everyone wants. Thank you Zutons!!

5. This leads me on to my next point. Recently I have found that the songs making it into the Irish carts contain absolutely terrible lyrics. A few examples should make my point clear:

Katy Perry, Hot n Cold reached number one: "someone call the doctor got a case of love bi polar stuck on a rollercoaster...your hot and your cold, yes no, hot cold hot cold hot..." This would have been witty and entertaining had it been about my shower but otherwise...

Akon, Right now: I wanna make up right now na na,I wanna make up right now na na,wish we never broke up na na na na na" STOP IT AKON OR ILL SMACK THAT!! BY THAT I MEAN YOU.
Basically Cop the fuck on Irish people.

6. Laptops are a college students best friend and worst enemy. When you need to do a project really quickly and they are there to add images and arrange things my gawd do you love them. But when you are trying to study and Internet explorer is open? Well you may as well forget it, what with bubbleshoter and all.

7. Did you enjoy Hop on Hop off tour buses? If so you will love Hip-Hop tour buses. "Wassup Niggaz? up on yo left fool is the hip the hap happening government buildings where they is trippn dawg! Aight Bitch I aint take no questions, read the bling girl! *shows bling saying I aint take no Questions!". ohh we can all dream...

8. I hate bus Eireann express buses mainly because they are not express, they save you no time and they just dont go through Jtown. And the driver?? Oh he has been marked for death what with his "no only naas!!!". The battle rages on..

9. *notes that 3rd person narrative conversations are entertaining*

10. My new fantasy (And no I am not revealing any other of my Fantasys) is to live in a Dutch windmill. Oh it would be just so Austrian and tranquil and Idyllic. Oh the sound of music of it all..

11.Oh My Flippin Gawd!!! Total Focking Nostalgia! Do you remember Composer on the old Nokia phones?On the old 3210 etc.? Using terrible pitch Ranges and tempo changes that no one fully understood you and your mate would sit around all day making beats. Then your more experienced street wide friend comes over and shows you how to make sandstorm and you feel bleedin rapih beacuse you have sandstorm as your ringtone! Then again that could just be the nostalgia of a Tallaght child..

12. Finally Winter is getting on my nerves!! It is becoming an epic battle between myself and the cold. It launches its attack with frost and icy winds and I defend myself with a barrage of scarfs, hats, gloves and jackets So i almost look like a lagging jacket but Damn it the wind always gets ya. Also I do not appreciate being made a fool off by icy ground.

13. Meteo*r have a star in their name for a reason. Its because of all the fucking Terms and conditions they have such as you may not make calls when you actually need to and may run out of free texts without being notified only to be left in the middle of nowhere with no lift..fuck meteor also.

Also I am considering getting tshirts printed with "fuck bus eireann" on the front and "I hate commuting on the back". Let me know if your interested (Note: Karl is not actually responsible for supplying,creating or actually doing anything regards the tshirts and may point out it was just a joke. Terms and conditions apply)

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Conor said...

how would it be so austrian to live in a dutch windmill you plank??? ah composer, much love to thee. i made stairway to heaven when i got my first phone, the 3210. how whings have moved on. i now have a 3100. fuckin confusing nokia numbeering