Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Intellectual sixth classers, Jam pancakes and revolving doors

Yo Haterz be claimin, that my blogs be the samin, that I aint be postin, so my ass they got roastin, Well I just been coastin, my friends Ive been hostin, no im not boastin, ive just been coastin. Or for White people: Ive been busy so heres the first blog in a while.

1. "Congratulations to Christin Engelberth, a sixth grader at Bernard Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. She titled her doodle "A New Beginning" to express her wish that "out of the current crisis, discoveries will be found to help the Earth prosper once more." A couple of things struck me as odd when I read this. One, how the hell did a sixth classer write something this smart? Two, Really? A sixth classer from TEXAS REALLY? Three, My kids are going to face some tough competition.

2. I love saying "my kids" as if I actually have kids. Just like Bretts wife, Bretts children are also imaginary. Yes they take after here in that way.

3. some people think I am too apathetic.. Well I dont care what they think.

4. I was impressed woth the amount of stuff I can memorise in a days worth of cramming. Ah good aul noggin, youve still got it betsy.

5. I hate revolving doors. Especially when your in a hurry and they stop turning. Then you have to start pushing them yourself and you look like a hamster in a wheel, running around pushing the doors.

6. Akon's new song Beautiful. Oh respecting women are you now Akon?? The lyrics go " I know your independent I just want your attention". Really Akon? You sure you dont Wanna Smack that up on the floor?? I genuinely believed Akon was changing you know, making a change to better himself and in general the world of Black r 'n'b pop music. But then came " I want to watch you undress not like a hooker but like a princess". Dissapointing Akon...

7. What I dont get is, Why do girls who enjoy "clubbin" (sexy babez $$$) like this new wave of R 'n B music?? every song is about smacking up some hoe, or egtting down on some bitch or damn you crackwhore get in my the back of van. Ok the last one I went out on a limb for. But still, Seemingly middle class women listening to AND singing along to lyrics whihc demense them? Baffling.

8. Indiana Jones Lego for the PSP is a ledgend game. Simple, puzzling, hilarious, just fantastic.

9. Warm pancakes and jam. MMMMMMMMM

10. Jack johnson is by far the best chill out and relaxing music. Such stoner surf music with some noice reggae beats to tap the feets. You can just see the ocean Maaaaan.

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Nizzy said...

hahaha i love yo rhymin my shinin, shinin star!!! ha how cheesy of me. Oh gosh yoo are obsessed with FOC!! Ahahaha yoo will never not hate Akon will yoo, but oh how close it was. well the music jut is catchy and sure a good handful of us realize what rubbish lyrics we sing along to, but its just a song...i guess?

love yoo!! xx