Friday, April 17, 2009

Hatred for yet another radio station, Acronyms, and community spirit!!

1. New song of the month.( im starting to think of claiming to give prizes for this and see if it causes any controversy. Doubt it though) New song of the month is.... Vivienne Long Happy thoughts, just so nice and calming.

2.OMG Frappe Latte on my new Lyle and Scott babyblue jumper, There is electric banjo in the new Lilly Allen song. Either Im psychic or Timbaland reads my blogs.

3.Washing the spire in the rain. Bit pointless, no?

4. I have FINALLY played the Musicmaker Kit. Thats another thing of the to-do list. Now to get good at tennis, Visit Europe a couple more times (im aware i Live in Europe I mean mainland Europe if you will), Learn to drive, and then put rubber ducks in the water features that big multinational companies have in their reception.

5. Im starting to hate Fm104. They broadcast their music so loud, that I have to turn my headphones down after switching from Phantom. And that scottish girl they have with the echo on saying Fm104 after absolutely everything is incredibly annoying.

6. Cant afford widescreen? Just cross your eyes!! Instantly double the size of your t.v.

7. I hate the way a full stop looks after an acronym. It just looks so improper or something. Like O.M.G. the last dot just looks out of place. gahhh

8.Community spirit is freakin awesome! ! I was running out of the estate to catch the bus and one of the neighbours I dont really know picked me up and dropped me to the bus stop. I would have missed the bus if he hadnt of dropped me. What a legend!!

9. The type of people that listen to Fm104 also consider a holiday to Ibiza as cultural.

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