Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hotel beds, Blogathon and Cage!!!

( What a picture: I just typed Hotel beds into google and Kablammo)

Yes thats right folks, I have hopped on the proverbial bandwagon with the fine ash ( to start a blogathon for the month of April. every day for the month of April I will make a post, cant promise anything too interesting. Right so hit the decks dJ Mad Scone and lets get this beat a hoppin

1. People have got to stop using " as the man says" to justify things they say. At this stage its becoming almost an authorative source. " Classical economics discusses the idea that supply side factors are the way to stimulate and control the economy as the man says." (source: The man) Like who is this guy and why is he saying all this. God silly stuff, as the man says..

2. I hate it when you change your bed sheets and you get hotel bed.

3. Im not quite sure what it is about public transport, but Itmakes me incredibly sleepy. Maybe im tired out from the stress of commuting or myabe its the warm bus rocking back and forward gently like a cradle but recently I fell asleep on the luas.. ON THE RED LINE. Anyone of those skobes could have totally whipped my new iPhone like omg. ( no I dont actualy have an iPhone)

4. I now present, the cage film layout:

Cage is in a top career, cage becomes unhappy in said career. Cage's name is Joe/John. Cage is a single parent. Cage is Distracted, so as a result hes not too great a parent. He then formulates a ridicolous theory and meets a strange lady to tell it to. She doesnt believe him but then he is proved right (Cage is always right) and the woman believes and they struggle to solve the theory together. They fall in love and the new lady is put in danger. Lady die/ is saved barely. End of film.

5.Its annoying how slow time goes when studying. Damn you space time continium, conspiring against me.

6. Recently, in my mothers job at CER( commisoin for energy regulation) a 60 year old woman rang in with the following question:

" Excuse me but I was just wondering, If I want to switch to Bord Gais energy do I need The massive switch on my house"? To this the operator replied " Yes unfortunately, so iff you are semidetached you might have a chane but if your terracec theres nothing we can do." What an idiot of an old lady!!!!

Well thats it because otherwise I wont have anything for every other day of posting..

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