Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vanessa Carlton, junkies and white pudding.

Well ah yeah the aul ruggers is on tonight mary, ah yeah, you watching johnny? Ah sure Id hardly miss out now. Guinness? Lets go John ahhhhhh yeeaaahhhh! Countryisms fo life!!

1. Vanessa Carlton is one pretty lady! Foxy Lady ow!!

2.Theres a lot of sterotypical grannies around town lately.
Old Granny:" Sorry what bus goes to the airport?"
Me:"oh youll want to get the 746 or the 16"
Old Granny: " Oh thank you dear so I want to get the 9?"
Me:"What? no no you want the 746 or the 16!!"
Old Granny: Oh yes...Sorry what buses did you say again?"

3. Why do all accounting teachers have terrible hand-writing?

4. JOhnstown has finally been rocked by the recession. Social degeneration has set in, with random acts of vandalism such as the destruction of the gazebo occuring as there is a "lack of amenities". the latchkey kid has become ever prominent and they roam the streets in search of a good meal or magazine clippings of American Eagle which they cling to reminding them of the good days. And My NU Interiors has been sent into receivership. Yes Even Johnstown is vulnerable to the global economy.

5. You know your relationship is getting way too serious when your leaving shaving stuff in your girlfriends "just in case"..

6. No matter how small, how hard to find, how old or how new the pub, some mad lad will inevitably have written on the wall of the jacks.

7.Please listen to this link while reading this point: "Oh when i wake up in the morning when and the sublight burns my eyes". Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, Summer is here at last. Light jackets, long evenings, smell of cut grass and football on the green. Oh it has been too long..

8. " Spare change for the homeless?".. Oh Collecting on behalf of the homeless good citizen, are you? No? your just a junkie loking for some moeny to score some more smack? Oh my mistake my mistake..

9. I now like white pudding.

10. Was St. Patrick the patron saint of Fucking bolox squeaky fiddle? NO!! So enough of it!!

11. You know your Irish when you get sunburnt in March.

12. As of now I consider anything I do as Irish culture. This way, Irregular bathing patterns, impatience and strong hatred for public transport will now be considered Irish culture. In fairness, its fairly accurate.

13. You ever get that feeling when your in the kitchen and your like Hmm id really like something right now but you dont know exactly what you want? Then you go and get something and eat it and it turns out not to be what you wanted. Its kinda like a dick in the mouth, you dont really know how it got there but you know you dont want it!.

Well wiki woka and woka wiki thats all for this time kids and remember centra in Temple bar are now doing all day breakfast rolls for 1.99 yumm!!!