Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Dangers of the modern newspaper boy..and BELGIUM LESBIANS!

Its true I did consider as taking the belgium lesbians as the picture for this one but you know...tastefulness and all that

1. The men and women who sell newspapers on your local motorways put their life at risk everday. The DANGER of walking up and down between angry motorists all day, think about it they are heroes. They must be pretty slick, "hey babe I work on the side of a motorway...i know sometimes I do get scared...I think you and me should go make the headlines" You just know thats what they do after work.

2. To continue on the subject of those who sell papers, they must be geniuses with super current up to date knowledge as they spend their life with papers in their hand. Its time we rerouted the knowledge economy, it is time for the rising of the NEWS VENDORS!!!! well actually they are all usually foreign and cant even read the paper so my theory may have a few flaws.

3. Something else really getting on my nerves lately is the fact that rappers cannot shut the fuck up!! Once they have rapped their little bit, instead of letting the singer get on with it they are

throwing uin "uhs, yeahs, whats, okays" at any given time.

4. Me getting on bus: Hey can I have a student return ticket please?

Bus Eireann driver: Student ID?

Me: Its right there.

Driver: Theres actually no student fare.

ME: hold on *takes out offer detailing student fares.

Driver: Machine is broke.

Me: Prick(whispered)..whatever

Bus Eireann you have finally crossed the line. Just you wait until I make a remake of the film Speed but for real with a bus full of your drivers and directors just you wait...

5. Lately I have been having some pretty disturbing thought processes. I need to clarify before I start that I didnt and wouldnt do any of them and secondly I have common sense.

(a) Sitting on the bus on the way home beside a typical office working 30 or so woman I began to think hmm I could just slap her iif I wanted to. She wasnt annoying me or anything. I thought yeah I could just raise my hand and slap her one. I thought about it for a second and then stopped and realised what I had just considered. Scary though.

(b) In Cineworld on the top floor I considered the idea of jumping over the railing to the bottom floor. Not in a suicidal way just thinkning that the only thing actually stopping me was a tiny part of brain called common sense. It was a scary thought, what would happen if one day I just didnt consider it.

Anyway the point of this is that spending too much time commuting on your own makes you way too introspective and probably would drive you insane.

6. IMPORTANT IRISH VERB(never thought id write that): Ag Sioba= drifting. Oh yes! Chuamar go dti ag sioba. Buachailli!!!!

7. I now unfortunately consider myself a Halo nerd. I came third in a couple of deathmatches in college against proper halo nerds so...

8. Liking the Ting Tings is shameful but they are just so damn funky.

9. This blog is very serious....PENIS!!

10. Pot Luck is a savage film. However UCD French teachers dont know how to market it right to students. "oh you should come along it will improve your french" Cue the empty lecture hall. What they should have said "cmon its a film about an uptight student taking up smoking pot and has Belgium Lesbians." That is how you market a film baby!

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haha oh yoo are a funny baba!

keep on blooging tho cos one day it could be a FAMOUS omg famous!!!

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