Saturday, October 11, 2008

One liners, Tv liscences and as always commuting!

Commuters out there, you all need to take a crash course in logic!

1. The luas, for the record, is not actually a record breaking attempt to see how many people you can squash into a confined area. I felt that I actually had to clarify this after my recent experience. "oh look theres hardly any room on that luas..ah sure i could fit in there". When people are oiling themselves up to try and slip onto the luas you know its too packed, just get the next one!!

2.College basketball is as hard as they make it look in all great American Films.

3. I'd love to meet the T.V liscence inspector and try and think of an excuse he hasnt heard. It Would be epic, Karl Vs. Faceless Government inspector on top of mount vesuvious. I would battle him with ridicoulous excuses such as "I had one but then i shoved it up the last inspectors hole!!". Then we would battle with those gladiator poles over the volcanoe...These are just things I think of when I hear that ad.

4. Fanta Exotic is like travelling to a tropical island in your mouth...but then you get to the end of it and see the chemical scum on the bottom of the bottle, so its more like going to a tropical island where chemical waste is dumped...Still damn tasty though.

5. some girl in college said I sound american. Geez guys I dont sound like totally American do I?

6. I have now compiled a Kidnapping list (with the help of ash). Below is that list with the reason for kidnapping:

1. Rise against: Damn their infectious anger punk is just handy to have whenever you want it.

2. Horatio Caines Glasses: In an ideal situation I would kidnap Horatio himself but then i thought for a second and realised that he would just arrest with me with a slick line and id never get away with it.

3. Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley: For interesting mudfights and extravagant entrys to parties with them on both arms. ( in fairness to ash she had nothing to do with this one).

4. Flight of the conchords: Imagine instant humour, they make it a possibility.

7. One of my most recent and favourite country type one liners I thought of is: "Just like Ruby Walsh, I dont ride losers!"

8. My phone broke while writing this blog. Why does every techonological thing I touch just break? I am like a human computer virus.

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